Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let’s Hope 1,400 Miles Is Enough

What with one thing and another, including a flat tire, I didn’t do a lot of riding this week after the “long” ride. I ended up this week with 120 miles, while the training goal was 175. I finish this week with a tad over 1,300 training miles total, and figure I’ll probably do about 100 this week, which means I’ll start RAGBRAI with 1,400 training miles.

I hope it’s enough. It should be.

Getting enough sleep during RAGBRAI may be my biggest challenge. I camped out last night in the 4-person tent I plan to take on RAGBRAI, and managed to get only about 3 hours of fitful sleep in it.

Well, for one thing it didn’t occur to me that I had to unzip covers to open windows for ventilation, so hopefully it won’t be such an oven during RAGBRAI. I also will use ear plugs during the ride, which I hope will help.

The tent was set up too near our air conditioning unit, which loudly kicked on several times during the night.

I also waited too long to set up the tent, and ended up working with Audrey in the dark. Our flashlight had a loose head on it and kept popping apart.

We don’t do any projects well together. Whether painting, yard work or assembling furniture, it’s best if one of use does and the other avoid the vicinity. Sadly, the tent requires two adults to set it up, so it forced some uncomfortable togetherness.

On the other hand, that’s now out of the way. I have set up, and taken down, the tent. My first night of sleep in it may not have gone that well, but better to learn some camping lessons now.

I do feel a bit apprehensive with RAGBRAI on the way. I think it will be a grand adventure, but a challenge, too. Not sure how much of it I will be able to share with you, blog readers, during the event—ironically, my bike blog will probably be on vacation during my long bike ride.

But the tent is stowed and ready. I still have details to tie up—I have to get a new rear tire, I have not been able to find sunglasses clip-ons yet, and I have to talk with Jon and Brigid and Pat and Mimi about.

Details, details—yet, I’m fairly confident I’m ready, or as ready as I can be.


  1. Let's see, Doug will be here, maybe Sam and Niki. Mimi and I may be fairly wiped out after walking the Bix, but we'll still want to see you and celebrate your Ragbrai Ride.

  2. Have you bought an eye mask yet (like the ones people wear on long airline flights)? Along with the ear plugs, we found that it's essential gear for sleeping in a crowd.

  3. We'll be pretty wiped out after a 400 mile bike ride, too :) And eye mask--had not thought of that, good idea!

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