Monday, July 4, 2011

Trailer Tales, Or 2 Hard-Won Miles

Well, I didn't do the Sac and Fox today (and did not print off flat C yet, either). My July 4th biking adventure was to assemble and attach a trailer to my bike.

As you can see, despite an almost total lack of mechanical aptitude, I got the job done (although my daughter Katy probably did more than half the job).

Tristan and Nikayla were over for supper, and got to take the first ride in the trailer. I think they enjoyed it. Tristan made a few unhappy noises now and then, but I think it was crowded and warm with his big sister by his side. When we got home, he was the one who was willing to try to climb back in for another ride.

Anyway, the trailer won’t go on RAGBRAI with me, but pulling the grandkids may help get me in shape! The first ride was only 2 miles, but they were a muscular 2 miles. Wyatt borrowed Audrey’s bike and tagged along, and I’m not sure he’s ever experienced a bike moving that slowly before.

The first trailer ride, thought short, was fun. More photos on Facebook. And we’ll see what Lizzie thinks of being towed when I see her post RAGBRAI.

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