Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In Which the Bike is Back

After the ride, we played on the deck, tossing maple "helicopters" in the air. Our resident cardinal did not appreciate the show, and scolded us from high in an oak tree.

The broken bike was fixed very quickly at Northtowne Cycling. I got the call early this afternoon and rescued Francis from the garage.

Later, I offered the new riding grandchild a second ride, and we cycled part of the Lindale-Boyson trail route. We had to use the park bypass—the shorter trail that ends on Parkview and goes by Donnelly Park—because the low bridge on the trail was closed by flood waters.

The grandchild enjoyed the ride. I think it's partly because of the cool bike seat I have, and I got a request from a niece about that seat I use. It’s called the “Kangroo” and is make by a company called WeeRide. Here is their video about the seat:

The video is pretty true—the front seat is stable compared to a back seat. I do use the toddler seat a lot.

Anyway, I didn’t tackle the hill today, but I’ll do it again tomorrow. A new chain should last a while, right?

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