Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In Which A Quest For Bluebells Finds Other Flowers

I remember them blooming in a shady area next to Dry Creek on the route to the Cedar River Trail. I like bluebells, so when I planned to ride for several hours today as RAGBRAI training, I was looking forward to photographing them.

And I failed. I could not find the bluebells. Had I imagined them? Is CR Biker seeing images of bluebells that are not there? Hmmm. Have to check on how tight my helmet is …

Anyway, despite the lack of bluebells, and even though it was a cool, breezy, cloudy morning, it was a fine ride. I planned to head north, but was stopped by utility work in Robins, so headed back south and rode the Lindale-Boyson-Krumboltz trail route instead.

I took a fair number of flower photos, most along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail early in the ride, a few later. Wild phlox are in bloom, honeysuckles perfume the air, irises are flowering in many yards—it was a fine day to bike and view flowers.

Even if I missed the bluebells.

Willow seeds--look a bit like flowers.

White and pink honeysuckle.

Closer look at pink honeysuckle.

The scene along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail--I got sprinkled on, but never seriously rained on.

Phlox. Why does it grow all over the trail but won't in my gardens?

A cluster of irises in a front yard along Council Street.

I like phlox, which are largely blue flowers, but come in white and purple, too.

Matt, have you bred sterile dandelions yet? And when you get rich off of them, remember they were my idea first.

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