Thursday, May 9, 2013

In Which An Interesting Sky Is Still OK

Walking across the MMU campus in the afternoon, heading for my bike ride home--this is the sky. Very interesting. Luckily, I stayed mostly dry.

There was rain in the air today, which made it not a great tragedy that I had a flat yesterday. I would have hitched a ride with Audrey anyway, which is what I did this morning.

But I grabbed the bike pump. And at lunch time, I swapped the punctured tube in my front tire with a new tube. I don’t think that the tube had been punctured with any object. A hole had formed where the valve as attached to the tube—why, I don’t know, but in a few minutes I had the tube changed.

After an afternoon video editing session with a student, I headed back to Warde Hall to pack up and head home. You can see how interesting the sky looked. But, despite a few drops in the air, I thought I might have a chance to make it home without being soaked.

As it turned out, the gamble paid off. A few sprinkles but no real rain, and certainly no lightening. And when I got home, more daffodils were blooming in my front yard. The only slight off note?

I totally forgot to climb the hill. I’ll have to do that tomorrow.
Daffodils at home. Friendly, sunny flowers.

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