Thursday, May 23, 2013

In Which The Frozen Yogurt Is Tempting, But …

Trail we road on was named after this guy.
Mr. Cedar River.

I passed it up because I was in a hurry to get home—the grandkids are staying over night tonight.

Anyway, my sister Cate invited me to ride to Ely today, via the Cedar River and then the Hoover trail. She mapped the ride at something close to 38 miles, and since I subsequently rode my bike to C Avenue Park and back, I’m claiming it as a 40-mile day. Not exactly RAGBRAI—and there certainly were not enough hills to be like RAGBRAI, although we did climb the Bowman Woods hill at the end. Still, a good practice day.

Cate brought along energy shots, which proved fortunate. I started to black out a bit over halfway through the ride, and we paused and I took one of her shots, which helped a lot. I think I may have been partly dehydrated, and I plan to dig the camelback out again soon. I had water with me, but could not reach it conveniently during the ride, and we did not stop much.

Despite that incident, the ride was very pleasant. We didn’t get much talking done, as we couldn’t hear each other well, but it’s still good to ride with someone. Cate suggested we stop for some frozen yogurt at an ice cream shop near the trail, which was a good idea, but that's when I passed up that plan to get home a bit sooner.

I’m already committed to a ride tomorrow, too. After Cate and I rode, as I mentioned before, I went up to C Avenue Park to meet Audrey and the grandchildren. Tristan wanted to ride the bike home, and I had put on the child seat just in case, so he got his wish. Amelia was slightly distraught, but satisfied with a promise of a ride tomorrow.

As Ben noted, I seem to have two future bikers in the Sebers family. All in all, it was a very good biking day.

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