Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring! In Which CR Biker Sees Better Weather

Bike parked at Warde Hall, MMU, today. Not mine, which is inside Warde Hall.

It was cool—about 25 degrees—when I donned my riding jacket and rode off into the sunrise this morning. But was not very windy, and it was a fine morning ride.

Today the sky has turned partly cloudy and interesting, with patches of blue among pretty grays and whites. It’s not exactly a foreshadow of summer, but the snow covering the ground has greatly receded, the pavement is mostly dry and there is a definite feel of something “else” in the air.

The sky today. Dramatic and pretty.
As I walked across campus at MMU today, I was drawn by the cupola on Warde Hall. It’s a pretty little bauble up there, but with its aged coppery blue-green color, it looks especially nice against a background of clouds and sky, don’t you think? So I wasted a few minutes I didn’t have shooting these photos, and wasted even more by writing this blog post.

Well, back to grading. But, on my way into Warde Hall, I noticed another bike in the rack outside—yet another sign of spring, I think. Mine was parked inside because I was worried melting snow would make it too damp, and damp is the enemy of iron-based bike technologies, but I’m glad to see the rack in use.

Spring! Even at 25 degrees, with the week warming up I think it’s probably here. Knock on wood. Maybe a blooming maple tree?

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