Monday, March 18, 2013

In Which Snow Delays Any Spring Break Biking

Sharp contrast to today--the Saturday before RAGBRAI last year, and it was one very hot summer week.
Ice on a crab apple tree, March 18, 2013.

Well, so far spring break 2013 hasn’t been that good for RAGBRAI-prep biking, but even if it’s cold, there are clear days ahead, so here’s hoping.

Anyway, I downloaded my wife’s camera today, and one image was from the start of RAGBRAI last year, showing me and my son-in-law being left off in Sioux Center on July 21. I have a team that I’m planning to do RAGBRAI with this year, as long as we get organized and get registered.

Well, while today wasn’t full of much biking fun, the sun was still out at 7 when I took some ice and deer photos to mark the day. Spring must be coming soon!
This was the kind of day it was--to shoot a photo of a deer next door in the snow. Not a biking day.

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