Thursday, March 7, 2013

In which CR Biker doesn’t mind the cold morning air

Two photos from morning ride--icicle on my house catches the morning sun, and the pavement was clear, but not the bike rack at MMU, so my bike is inside today.

Was it cold this morning? Sure it was. The temperature was, in Fahrenheit, in single digits, but at least positive.

And it was not windy, which makes all the difference. It was so cold that I wore the winter underwear—which feels a bit odd when the calendar says “March,” but the sun is bright today. I had to alter my morning route just a bit—I scouted my bike route when driving a car home yesterday, and some of the quieter back streets had quite a bit of ice and snow on them last night.

But, my “old” community route, which does not go behind Kenwood School, uses slightly busier streets, which I assumed would be clear. They were.

It was a brisk, cool, comfortable morning ride. The late morning sun felt warm as I walked across campus to my office—so I don’t think I’ll need the long johns on the way home tonight.

And it does feel good to be back on the bike, especially since the 3-week tour of Paraguay has been booked so I need to put on the bike miles more seriously this spring .RAGBRAI is coming!

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