Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Trail Ride of the Spring on Feb. 1

Ducks on stream that feeds into lake. The trail with snow nearby, but non on trail.

I wondered, before leaving work, whether the trail would be blocked in places by snow and ice. Yet, the streets were mostly clean on the way in, so I decided to take a chance.

Well, it was fine. A bit damp in a few places, got a bit muddy near Quaker Oats, but by and large the trail was clear. There were a number of other bikers, walkers and joggers out today, too—and even some fowl.

It felt good to be on the trail on a semi sunny afternoon, and it felt a bit like I was taking my first training ride for RAGBRAI.

Geese and Ducks were enjoying the open waters of the stream that feeds into Cedar Lake, a large polluted pond near downtown Cedar Rapids. The south part of the lake is open, too, and many birds were there.

All in all, a slightly mushy but pleasant ride, especially for Feb. 1. Clearly, bike seasons is underway—for how long, I don’t know. I overheard a man at MMU say, as he strolled across the central plaza at MMU, that “we’ll pay for today.” Yeah, he could be right. But then again, maybe 20 degrees above normal just won’t be that odd this year in Iowa.

Which is great on Feb. 1. On Aug. 1? Not so much ….

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