Tuesday, January 31, 2012

50 on the Final Day of January

It was a nice March day in Iowa today—just odd that it was last day of January.

Then again, the warm temps were even stranger at the start of the month. At least it’s almost February, a month that traditionally is warmer than January.

But not this warm. Not 50s.

It was weird how wet the pavement was this morning. It was wet everywhere. Not just where snow was melting and water running across it. It did not get below freezing last night, and there must have been a lot of moisture in the air. And the relatively cool pavement gave the moisture a nice place to form a heavy, heavy dew.

Well, blog fans, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to note that CR Biker waited until afternoon before heading to the office today. It was still very damp in places, but not damp everywhere. My cool yellow vest is being washed tonight due to the tossed mud of this damp day. Lubing my chain is a daily chore due to the wet.

But heck, can’t complain. Sunshine? 50? Heck yes I’m back on the bike again.

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