Thursday, February 16, 2012

Riding With No Passenger

Me and Mr. T before ride . Note I'm on tiptoe.

Well, Wednesday I didn’t ride because rain was in the forecast. Silly me, it turned out to be dry.

But I was back on the seat today. And found that commuting with the new seat on the front of the bike is a pain. In the past, every time I stopped, I would hop off my seat—but with the toddler chair in front of me, there is nowhere to go, so I was just waiting (uncomfortably, on tip toe) firmly planted on the seat at every corner where I had to stop.

I miss the breaks.

The good news is that a thumb-tightened nut holds the seat on, so when I got home I removed it. When Mr. T comes over again, it will take only a few seconds to screw it back in.

Looking forward to a ride tomorrow without the extra seat, but the bar that supports it might still lead to some problems. We’ll see!

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