Sunday, February 12, 2012

Riding in Single Digits

What you need for cold biking, coat, second socks, second underwear, warm gloves. My bike alone on the trail and my frozen face when I arrived at MMU.

I don’t recall the exact temperature Saturday morning, but I don’t think you would need to take off your shoes to count the degrees—and there was a very brisk wind from the northwest, making wind chill feel subzero.

It was cold, blog fans. Too cold to bike to MMU for Scholarship Day?


I know at least one of my sisters will say I’m crazy, and some of the others may think it without saying it, but I rode my bike yesterday to MMU. It was very cold, and I did get a bit uncomfortable on the way in, but by the afternoon, when the winds were still quite brisk but the air had warmed at least to the 20s, it was surprisingly pleasant—so pleasant that I took the long route home, via trail, rather than the short route.

Did not see any other traffic on the trail at all—nary a biker nor walker. Hmm, maybe my sister would have a point.

Anyway, biking in single digit temperatures is made more practical with the right “stuff.” To me the right stuff means warm gloves, multiple layers (I had on a white t-shirt, a long-sleeved turtleneck and a sweater under my coat, as well as long underwear and two pairs of socks—one a regular white pair, one a fuzzier warmer grey pair intended for winter insulation) and the right coat—the right coat being a fairly light jacket that nonetheless does not let the wind through, and that has a thin, yet fairly warm, hood that can be worn under my helmet. And a scarf—a scarf wrapped around the neck makes a surprising bit of difference on a cold ride.

Well, I survived the cold. Now, I have to adjust my brakes, which have loosened up in recent weeks. And I bought a new child seat. No doubt, there will be more bike news later!

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