Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cheap Mechanic, Part Dos

Tristan and me on bike. The new front bike seat, two views.

Well, the new seat was a big hit. It took a bit of doing to install it, and I had to remove my bell, although the bell is getting old enough it’s not that effective, and I use a spoken warning when approaching pedestrians or slower bikers anyway.

The new child seat itself was smaller than I expected and the space between it and handlebars is a bit cramped. But, I installed it and took Old Blackie on a test ride, and all seemed well. I loved the tighter brakes. Audrey called Katy and told her I had installed the seat, did she want to come over for supper?

She did.

Tristan was excited by the seat, but also totally baffled when he saw it.

When he showed up, he was wearing a dark blue jacket—he insisted on that particular jacket, Katy said, because he thought he needed to match his grandpa for the ride.

He was a bit agitated when he and I got ready to go—Katy thought he was unsure I was going to take him with me, since I had no trailer attached to my bike. But, he was pretty happy when he was strapped into the seat and got the idea that a bike ride was indeed in the offing.

We headed out. I went along C Avenue south, no particular goal in mind, but I thought I might take him over to the bridge where Council Street crosses Dry Creek. Tristan still talks daily about going to “see water” with Grandpa Joe (my new title, for some reason I’ve gained the Grandpa moniker and am not just “Joe” anymore), so I figured he would like the path under the bridge that goes right by the creek.

He loved the ride. He constantly narrated it, repeating the phrases “go on bike ride” and “wear our helmets,” while patting his helmet. I think he was in an odd euphoric state, babbling happily because being up so high and being able to see was just SO COOL.

It was also too cool. After heading under the bridge, with no particular goal in mind, I decided to ride up to Cate and Paulette’s house and then head home on 74th Street. We turned around in their driveway—could not tell if they were home and didn’t want to go through a rather involved dismount process that the new seat requires, so we passed along without stopping.

But, when we got to 74th Street, it was closed. A sign stated utility work would continue from Jan. 1 through May 1. Wow.

Well, we doubled back. What with one thing and another, the ride turned out to be much longer than I expected—around an hour. Tristan was loving it until about four blocks from my home, when suddenly he wanted mom now. He calmed down when I promised him we were close to Grandpa Joe’s house, although he started chanting “close to grandma’s house?” It’s interested that, although I told him we were close to “grandpa’s” house, he interpreted it immediately as “grandma’s” house. To Katy’s kids, Audrey is the homeowner, although I supposed that’s fairly accurate.

I didn’t fully understand why he had been a bit upset until we got to the house. When I went to take him off the seat, his poor little legs were shaking—the kid was shivering with cold. Although dressed for cool weather in several shirts and a jacket, he was no doubt much cooler than I—I am more insulated that he is anyway, and I had been biking. The poor little shivering fellow had just been sitting there.

Having a good time, but also growing increasingly and uncomfortably cold.

Well, recovery was pretty quick. He snuggled with his mom, had a cookie, then went downstairs and started running around jumping in the ball pit. In a few minutes, he was warmed up and back to normal.

No doubt I will take him for a ride again. But, also no doubt, I will wait for warmer temperatures first.

It was warmer today than yesterday, plenty warm for CR Biker—but it was a bit too cold for a little passenger on a one hour ride. Sorry about that Mr. T. I know you had fun, but it would have been even more fun without the chills. More comfortable rides that are just fun are in your future.

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