Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Curious Case of the Computer On An Odd Warm Day

The bike computer springs to life. Don't know how or why.

I was scheduled to stay on campus for a bell rehearsal, starting at 5, just when the sun was going down.

But, I had been at bells yesterday. And it was sunny outside. The straw the broke the bell ringers resolve was when Audrey reported that my 2-year-old grandson Tristan would be thrilled to get in a bike ride on such a warm day.

Well, warm days in January are not to be squandered by CR Biker. So at around 3:30 I hopped on my bike to head home.

I absentmindedly touched my non-functioning wireless computer, and voila, it sprang suddenly to life. I average more than 10 mph on the way home, it said. Why did the computer suddenly start to work? Why did the magnet detector on the front fork of my bike suddenly start transmitting to the handlebar receiver?

Well, it was an odd day. Weird things happen, I guess.

I peddled home, and indeed the grandkids were waiting. I put Tristan’s helmet on, placed him in the trailer of my wife’s bike and rode to the C Avenue park north of our neighborhood. The girls—Audrey, Katy, Nikayla and Amelia—walked and arrived a bit later. Nikayla joined Tristan and me for the bike ride home.

I hope the coming cold snap doesn’t give way to too much warm weather. Insects are stirring and some plants are starting to sprout—and it’s way too early in the upper Midwest, tender shoots. Patience, patience. The equinox and spring are a ways away.

But then again, what can a biker say? It was a glorious day to be a bike commuter, and a great day to tow some grandkids.

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