Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Playing The Waiting Game

Ice on my drive, many streets are in worse shape. Come on, old Sol, melt it away!

It’s a bit misty-cloudy in Iowa at mid-day today, which is too bad. I’m playing the waiting, game, just hanging around, hoping for the ice to melt.

Many of the streets that I would commute on might actually be passable, but many are not. We need some ice melting.

It will be warm enough today. You don’t have to get to 32 degrees to see ice recede—even when the air temperature is in the 20s, sunshine will warm pavement enough to turn a little bit of ice to water, and in dry winter air, trace amounts of water quickly dissipate. And water, a tricky substance, can go from solid to vapor.

But, I’m clearly nowhere near ready to ride. I expressed the wish earlier this week to get back on two wheels by week’s end, but on Wednesday that looks pretty dicey. Maybe if the sun shines for a while this afternoon ….

Probably wishful thinking. See photo of my driveway. As ice encrusted as it is, it’s much clearer than many back streets in Cedar Rapids.

I can and will alter my route some once I think my driveway is clear enough. When will that be? Don’t know.

Waiting, just waiting.

In the meantime, yeah, I shouldn’t … but I did: