Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Need a Sleigh to Bike Today …

Jan. 21--Amelia as bike mechanic, Tristan in sled.

It may seem weird on a day with freezing rain falling from the sky, but the biking forecast is improved a bit in the coming week.

We’ve been through an active patch of Iowa weather lately. After an unusual warm spell that allowed me to bike early in J Term, snow has returned to Iowa for the past week and a half. I’ve been vanning it for the past week, since that fateful ride last Sunday, and will try to be a bit more patient as I wait for the slick white compacted snow on Cedar Rapids’ unplowed side streets to slowly melt.

But, there is nothing set to fall from the sky for nine days of the 10 day forecast on the “local weather” forecast I get form Microsoft. Not that the MS weather is particularly the most reliable, but with luck I might be on two wheels by week’s end. A frustrated biker can dream, anyway.

Saturday was a lesson in alternative winter transport. I had a “play date” with my grandson Tristan, and we spent several hours outside, trudging through snow that was sometimes waist deep on a 2-year-old.

But, he loved it. It took some persuading to get him to try a sled, but then I got to play pack animal and pull his sleigh through the snow for a while, and he was giggly, especially when headed downhill.

As I detailed on my other blog, he discovered the utility of snow as ammo when a tempting older gentleman is handy to serve as “target.” He always wants a walk in the woods, and so we went through the get into the semi wild Dry Creek bed behind the house, where he was carried half the time and trudged through deep snow the other half.

Water, it turns out, is fascinating, particularly when it’s just a small patch of bubbling open stream under the C Avenue bridge.

Well, I’m on bike holiday, snow induced and now ice enforced. But the weather ahead has some promise to it, and it was nice to have a bit of outdoor time, even if a sleigh is more practical than a bike right now.

Here’s hoping for more biking in the coming weeks!

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