Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earworms on a Tuesday Morning

When biking into work yesterday, Tuesday, for some reason I wasn’t as tuned into the world around me as usual.

Not that the world wasn’t nice. A substantial rain had fallen overnight, and by the time I was riding in to work at midday, the world was a newer, greener place.

But ZZ Top didn’t care. I think I was randomly remembering the visit by my granddaughter Elizabeth, a cute 21-month-old who pronounces her own name “ZZ.” She’s certainly the best, or top, ZZ I know—the ZZ top.

So that’s why a short snatch of “Sharp Dressed Man,” which to me sounds like every ZZ Top song of the early 1980s, was running through my mind. Have you ever noticed with earworms how your internal brain radio can play a tape of 15 seconds of an obscure pop song for, I don’t know, 4 hours? I don’t know the lyrics to “Sharp Dressed Man,” but then again, who does? “Da, da, da, dah dah da, da, … every girl’s crazy for a sharp dressed man.”

It went on for the first 15 minutes of my commute, but I must have subconsciously been noting the greener conditions due to the recent rain, because after I crossed Collins Road on F Avenue, I started to hear a rain-related earworm.

It made me wonder, ala CCR, who’ll stop the rain?

Not that I know those lyrics either. But it was a more pleasant earworm. Still, at the corner of Zach Johnson Drive and 35th Street, I almost didn’t see that truck.

Beware, bikers. A CCR earworm will absorb too much of your attention, if you’re not wary.

Anyway, what earworms form the soundtrack of your biking commutes?

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