Sunday, September 4, 2011

Biking on a Labor Day Weekend

Well, bike friends, I present a “before” and “after” view of my office. Biking to work on a Sunday felt a bit worth it based on these results.

As I am sure you can tell, the mess in my office had gotten away from me. The newspaper office at MMU moved this summer, and we did a new start-of-year project, and between the two, it felt like school started in a mad scramble. And there was just a lot of extra stuff shoved temporarily into my space.

Well, I usually have to work a fair amount during Labor Day weekend anyway—that’s just when it falls during the academic calendar (and, I’m sure, a reflection of an old journalist’s need for a deadline to gain motivation). At least on this working Sunday, it was a glorious day to ride to my office.

I snapped a few early fall flower photos first, but then headed out this morning. It was almost noon by the time I hit the road, but was crisply cool. It was one of my first bike commutes of the year in denim jeans—and I wasn’t overheated at all.

After 5 hours or so of work, it was still nicely light for my commute home. The day was windy, with a breeze from the west and north, so the commute home meant battling a headwind, but the day was so sunny and cool that it was a pleasant battle.

My one regret is that I didn’t have time for a longer bike ride. But that’s Labor Day weekend for you. I drove two days this week due to rain in the forecast (as it turned out, I could have biked Friday), but next week’s forecast is both sunny and cool.

Perfect for a two-wheeled commuter!

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