Friday, August 19, 2011

First Commute of the Season

Well, I went in to the office to meet with a student at 8:30 a.m.

That, my blog friends, was enough to make summer seem over. 8:30 a.m.—and the day was off and running. The meeting went well, the student’s questions were answered, the day was semi productive. Had an impromptu meeting with the student newspaper editor, toured campus with reps from a committee who are placing racks for the paper around, copied old syllabi to update. I’ll be working pretty much full time from now on, and when the semester gets going, that means 60 plus hours a week.

But today, I also measured my futon. It’s still six feet long. Please ignore the deep rumbling sounds from the foundations of Warde Hall, they are signs that a biker is snoozing, not that ghosts of nuns are restless nor that there is a 6.0 quake event.

On the way home, I diverted to use the longer trail route. It looked warm and dry out there, a shiny late summer sun making the plants practically pant. Well, here’s hoping the scattered showers that are possible tonight will scatter on the city of dry seasons.

It did feel good to commute again on my now tuned bike. On the way home, I had several books in my bag, which made it a bit heavy. The basket was damaged during RAGBRAI and repaired with a bit of wire, and the repair job seemed to pass a pretty hefty textbook test.

Well, central Mount Mercy is looking greener with new turf down. I was itching to plant some trees, but I don’t mind some open area, too. The route to and from felt good to ride today.

Let the annual commute begin!

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