Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby in Borrowed Bike Trailer

Old blackie is still in the shop and the biking weather is beautiful—much better then when I was on RAGBRAI. Sigh.

Still, I got a brief bike ride in today. We purchased a kiddie trailer, which I had attached to my bike, but removed for RAGBRAI. I hooked it up to my wife’s mountain-style 10 speed, and peddled off, granddaughter Lizzie in tow.

It was a short ride. I felt a bit like a clown—I’m way too big for my wife’s bike—but Lizzie balked at being away from her mom and we turned back home. Ironically, when she got there, Lizzie just wanted to play with grandpa in the back yard. I guess a sudden desire for maternal love must be a reflection on my “wild” biking style, or maybe Lizzie, who has a kid seat on her dad’s bike, can’t stand to move that slowly.

Whatever. At least for a few minutes and few blocks, I got to bike a bit today.

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