Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Rides As the Sumac Changes

Just in time for the rush before school, my bike is out of the shop.

When I took it out for a short ride after picking it up, it was obvious that “high summer,” the dry pre-fall season of big grasshoppers, browning grass, high corn and early turning leaves is underway along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. I only went north a few miles along the paved stretch of the trail, but saw several stands of sumac red with the first turning leaves of the season.

Those early sumac are responding more to dry conditions, but the lush green of the Iowa summers are giving way slowly to more muted yellowish and brownish greens, and many roadside weeds are drying out to go to seed and get ready for the next year. I wrote about the change on my garden blog.

It was good to be back on the bike, sad to think I have little time for any rides before the school year is underway—but at least I will have the bike to commute on.

After my short ride, I borrowed my wife’s bike to take grandkids Nikayla and Tristan on a short neighborhood tour. I had removed the trailer hitch from my bike prior to RAGBRAI and put it on hers. I am not sure if I will move it—it’s a Schwinn trailer, she has a Schwinn bike, and it seems to fit on her rear axle better than mine. But I do feel very silly riding a bike that is way too small for me, so we’ll see.

Anyway, CR Biker is back on the roads of Iowa’s second city, so drivers beware!

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