Monday, August 22, 2011

A Feathered Flock Blocks F Avenue

I was working at MMU for a while Sunday afternoon—the “school” life is starting to take hold. Note to those who envy Professor’s schedules—sure, June, July and August are three good reasons to be a teacher, but for most of us 60-hour weeks aren’t unusual the rest of the year—anyway, on the way home a bunch of turkeys were crossing F Avenue just a little south of Old Marion Road.

A young lady in a sedan headed the other way stopped and asked if the birds were turkeys. Indeed they were.

“Are they all hens?” she asked.

I’m no turkey expert, but I think so. In fact, one bird was bigger than the others, while the rest, while they appeared to be adult sized, looked younger and smaller. I speculate that mom may have been walking with her now grown chicks, though that it speculation.

Snapped a few photos. They all show birds after they crossed, all in the front yard of a home on the west side of F, while I'm shooting from the east side--I was headed north. One is a bird at the top of stairs, the other is a squirrel and turkey.

It’s very normal to see turkeys in Cedar Rapids, but I usually see them near C Avenue or along Brentwood Drive—along streets that are adjacent to woods and a stream bed. These F Avenue birds were not terribly near any such “wild” area.

But, they’re big birds and I assume they can move some distance.

The rest of the ride was not so eventful. It was just a bit of fun to see these birds.

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