Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bike is Now in the Shop, and log

Turns out the bike had 4 broken spokes, I had noted only 2. Since I hadn't taken it in for new bike tuneup, the bike shop is being very nice about it and it may not be too costly for me to get it back into shape.

So this week's miles are logged on Ben's bike:

Tuesday: 10 miles
Wednesday: 10 miles
Saturday: 8 miles
Year so far: 226, over 200 miles!

Did not ride Thursday or Friday due to other family needs for a second car on campus (we had a young guest and Audrey was doing a project Thursday--since I had to watch kids Thursday I had to drive Beetle to school so Audrey would have it while I used van to ferry kids, then used Beetle take our young guest to school Friday morning).

Did, however, get some miles in by biking over to Nikayla's Saturday birthday party. And I did try to register for RAGBRAI Friday, we'll see if I get in!

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