Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is so cool about biking?

That's right, Fun Fruits are cool. That's a shot from Easter Sunday, my grandson Tristan enjoying some fruit snacks.

Biking is cool, too, though Tristan is too young for it. I attended a reception tonight at the official president's residence for Mount Mercy University, located about a mile from the MMU campus. Rode my bike there, which means I got the best parking place.

So what was cool about biking in Cedar Rapids today?
  • The weather. It was cool (and damp this morning, although dryer and nicer going to the prez res and coming home).
  • Parking. I didn't want to leave old blackie out in the morning mist, so I walked my bike into my building . My office is at a dead end stub of hallway, so I was able to simply park my bike outside my door. Try that with your SUV.
  • Wearing a light that blinks on your head. Small children, in particular, seem to like it. It wasn't today, but one time when I was biking I heard a young boy, probably around 3, explain to his mother "he's got a light on his head!" Yes child, I do. How cool is that? Freaking awesome.

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