Thursday, April 14, 2011

No More Bike Logs Here

OK, I've given up on week-by-week recording of my mileage. It's just a hassle looking up last week's figure, and frankly, if I don't care, why should you?

There's a bit of irony there, since I just downloaded a RAGBRAI training schedule. I'm not in bad shape according to it, but need to do some longer weekend rides. Time for training will be tight during the school year, but with a baby shower going on this weekend it might be a good time for me to disappear for a couple of hours.

I had to drive today--was dropping someone off at the airport, and I don't think my passenger would want to ride in my basket. Still, there is some chance of rain, so maybe it's a good day to drive, anyway.

At least I was able to ride on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week looks a bit dicey right now, but may some sun shine through so I can ride! And, as a gardener who has some new grass just starting to sprout, I can't say I really mind a little rain now and then.

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