Monday, April 4, 2011

Cool Spring Ride on New Bike Route

I took my chances on a damp morning and bicycled to work.

Ben, just in case you're reading my blog, I put your bike inside. Late in the morning it did spit a little rain, but the loaner mountain bike stayed nice and dry.

I had bell practice tonight at 6, so it was probably 7:15 by the time I left work. I tried a new route I'd' been contemplating--basically, staying on Eastern Avenue NE headed north until I got to 35th Street. After going east on 35th, I turned and went up F behind Kenwood School.

It was a breezy, cool ride heading into a brisk wind on the way home. Still, there was a mix of clouds and sky, and it was just after sunset, which made the sky all kinds of pretty deep blues and bright pinks, colors that you wouldn't see as well or have the time to enjoy in a car.

I liked this route, and it may be useful those few days when there is traffic at Kenwood--going around behind the school may help me avoid that, which is good from my point of view and from the point of view of those moms and dads dropping off kids, too.

I may be later again tomorrow--have an interview supper at Biaggis. It may be a bit darker when I'm headed home tomorrow, but it will probably be warmer!

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