Sunday, May 2, 2010

Omaha, Where I Don't Bike

Moved my daughter into an apartment this weekend. She's a student at Creighton University in Omaha, and they don't guarantee upper-class housing, plus she's staying in Omaha this summer for a job.

Well. I am glad I commute by bike in Cedar Rapids. Despite being a "city" to those of use who grew up in over-grown villages, CR is really just a small Iowa town. And although it's not paradise for a biker, it's not Omaha, either.

We got thoroughly lost several times. I can't imagine navigating the city on two wheels without an engine.

Anyway, stayed with my sister in law. Niece was surprised Warren Buffet, richest man in the Milky Way Galaxy, chooses to live in Omaha, which to her is "nowhere."

The universal complaint of 12-year-olds world-wide. In Paris, there are some barely pre-teens complaining about the ennui. Such is life.

When I was living in a town of 700, there was plenty to do. I even commuted (25 miles) by bike then, but only now and then.

This weeks looks pretty good for the first 3 days, as long as I can dodge the rain Monday. It's good to be back in Cedar Rapids.

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