Saturday, May 8, 2010

Biking in California

When my father was an engineer in California, he at times commuted via bicycle. He had a golden English 10 speed, a beautiful bike, and one thrill of my preschool years was waiting in the driveway for him to come home. He would hop off the bike, sweep you up and set you on the seat, and you got to "ride" around the VW microbus that was the family car.

Went to Dr. Matthew Moscou's graduation at ISU this weekend. His father is a pharmacy tech who sometimes commutes via bike in California.

The weather, I suppose, is better. But from the "war stories" he shares, I would rather be biking in Iowa, thank you. He has been almost crowded off the road by aggressive California drivers, and once, apparently from sores on his back, shot with a bbgun.

Well--Iowa drivers can be rude too. I have been almost killed by drivers who don't look carefully at stop signs for oncoming bikes, or, in the case of one Rockwell-Collins employee, who don't even pause or slow down at stop signs.

But, nobody tries to run me off the road. And there are no bb welts on my backside. I'll take Iowa.

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