Monday, May 3, 2010

Cedar Rapids Plans Trail Network

It remains to be seen how well the “Ron Squad,” what a local newspaper columnist has dubbed Cedar Rapids’ mayor and his cohorts on the city council, will do.

Picking a city manager seems to be putting the “do it now” philosophy of his honor to the test.

Still, you have to give Ron Corbett credit for shaking things up.

One positive development is the unveiling of a new trail plan. The plan would put bike trails in easy distance of just about everything in Cedar Rapids, which would benefit both bikers and drivers.

See this link:

I live along Dry Creek, and thus would have a trail behind my house. Neighboring a trail is a mixed blessing, but I already have a sturdy fence, so it's more "blessing" than "mixed."

Mount Mercy would also benefit, with a trail nearby.

Until May 7, they will take comments. My biggest one?

Please do it.

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