Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In Which CR Biker is a Basket Case

My front basket, a good thing to have.

I’m a bit wooly-headed this week from jet lag. But, the Iowa that I returned to is lush, green, wetter and further along in spring than the Norwich, England, that I came from last week. Then again, I would gladly be back there, even if I’m happy to be on my own two wheels now.

So far, there have been two days of bike riding this week with the likelihood that I may be able to ride the whole week long. I’ve enjoying the scents of lilac and crab apple on the way to and from MMU.

I’m also enjoying my front basket. It’s the second one of the sort that I’ve had. I’ve been teased about baskets before—received wicker style ones with flowers as a gag gift, for instance. And some have suggested that they hear the wicked witch theme from “The Wizard of Oz” when they see CR Biker with basket and briefcase.

Whatever. CR biker isn’t one to care much for appearances. I enjoy the front basket because it’s convenient. It’s a good place to put a briefcase, and I found it an excellent, if rare, thing to have on RAGBRAI last year—I could use a camelback without having to wear a camelback water carrier, for example.

This year, when CR biker tackles half of RAGBRAI more independently, I’m thinking of adding back baskets. You can put heavier things on the back of a bike without changing its performance. A tent, for example, would be more practical to carry there than in front.

I don’t want to overdo it. CR Biker plans to use the RAGBRAI baggage truck, and I break enough rear spokes without adding much weight back there. But back baskets seem like a good idea.

At least if you’re a basket case because you’re jet lagged and wooly headed. I’ll wait a while before going ahead with this idea, to see if it still seems like a good plan when I’m more fully conscious.

What some see when they see me:


  1. For RAGBRAI, have you considered using pannier-style bags like Matt has on his bike? Might be less cumbersome than extra baskets.

    1. Hmm, sounds like a good idea. I would need a back rack to put the bags on, but one think I liked about Matt's bags was that he could remove them so easily.