Monday, April 30, 2012

Maybe I Need a Fog Horn?

The ride this morning was a big foggy, damp and cool—that special cool that seems to seep in when it’s wet.

Fortunately, it wasn’t really all that cool, and my old “Mount Mercy College” sweatshirt that I like to wear to Mount Mercy University is warm enough that I briefly debated whether I needed it in this weather.

I did.

Did not run with lights, though.  My bright vest, I thought, was bright enough, and cars no had trouble seeing me.

I’m not sure how much bike commuting I’ll do this week.  There are thunderstorms in the forecast pretty much every day but today.

On the other hand, it’s the nature of summer storms to blow through.  Despite being on the cusp of May, we're having early summer weather here in Iowa.  I’m not sure it’s supposed to settle in and rain all day on any day this week--just afternoon storms fueled by summer-like humidity, sunshine and temperatures.

Maybe I’ll just have to keep the chain lube handy and time my commute.  We’ll see.

I love this fog picture, from Mundoo on flickr.  It was taken this month in Australia.  Our Iowa fog isn’t quite that pretty, and visibility was a bit better in Iowa this morning ….

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