Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grey Skies And A Windy Ride

What the sky looked like after I crossed the Cedar River on my way back home.  Heading north was much faster than heading south on this windy day, and it never did rain, at least not this afternoon.

I set out on an afternoon ride this Sunday, despite not really having time for it.

It was too windy and I was too stressed, but still.  Nothing like a brisk ride.

I headed south, into the teeth of a fierce wind.  I need some wind practice for RAGBRAI and today was perfect for that.

The sky was undecided. It would be blue, then grey.  I think they were having storms east of us that were sliding north, and we just stayed on the edge of the storm area.

I had planned to go south past Mt. Trashmore, but made slow progress, and shortly after I crossed the Cedar River, I decided the sky was getting too interesting.

So I caved and went home and got some work done after all.  Not as much as I should have, but somehow it didn’t feel wrong on a Sunday to spend some time enjoying the outdoors.  Just for the practice, I climbed Bowman Woods hill for no reason at the end of the ride—I’ll start doing that several times a week.

RAGBRAI hill training, you know.

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