Sunday, April 22, 2012

Biking To Bells On A Sunday

Headed home (above).  Tripod strapped to bike basket.
Above, Tristan before ride, below, Nikaya during ride.  Both got bike rides on my bike today.

Today, which started cool and cloudy, ended up cool and sunny.  It was good biking weather.

I had an MMU Handbell Choir performance at Hallmar Care Center, which is located in Mercy Medical Center downtown.  I purchased bungee cords Saturday, because I wanted to record the performance with a digital video camera, and needed to use (and transport) a tripod.

Well, it worked like a charm.  I arrived in time, the recording went well, and the ride there was pleasant.  I took the Cedar River Trail on the way home, which seemed to take about the same amount of time.

When I got home, Katy and Wyatt, who had been gone from town on a weekend trip, where there.  Both Nikayla and Tristan wanted rides.  I took Nikayla first, then Tristan.  Nikayla went on the Boyson Trail for a while, but Tristan’s shorter ride was just in our neighborhood, although I did go over the Bowman Woods hill with Tristan, and I think he and I both liked the downhill ride.

All in all, a decent biking Sunday.  A bit short on miles—it will be after the semester ends before I can really do some decent RAGBRAI practices, but it was nice to get some miles in today, and the bungee cords worked!  Here is one of the songs the MMU Handbell Choir played:

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