Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Ride

Photo is probably the point of this blog post, I thought it was a cool image if a bit dicey to shoot.  I was riding the trail with my son-in-law Brandon when I snapped this, that's him in my rear-view mirror.

My son-in-law Brandon came down for Easter, and, along with his family, he brought along his bike.

He’s planning to do RAGBRAI this year, too, and it seemed like the kind of day to get some miles in.  So around 11, we headed out to the Cedar River Trail.  We joined the trail in Hiawatha and headed south, riding until we got to the new federal courthouse, where the road was blocked.

It was time to go home and have Easter dinner, so we headed back and I showed him my commuting route from Mount Mercy.

The day was cool and so was the ride.  I’m hoping he brings his cool orange bike to CR more often.  The ride was a nice change of pace for both of us.  Like last year, most of my RAGBRAI training will have to take place after the spring semester ends, but it was a good day to get 15 miles or so in.


  1. Joe, I was on the Cedar Valley Trail yesterday as well, but later in the day and headed north - short ride, since the trail is closed at County Home Road.

    1. We'll have to start planning a few weekend training rides. Some of my RAGBRAI training routes won't be as good this year, with the trail closed north and the Sac and Fox partly closed, too. But I'd like to show you the way to Prairie Parks Fishery, and I'm sure we can come up with some other rides, too.