Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two Views of The Rising Fall Sun

Two views of the morning sunrise this week, the little one shot with my cell phone Thursday, the larger image Friday's less cloudy sunrise, both looking east at the corner of C Avenue and Blairs Ferry Road.

Cold weather, morning frosts, are finally arriving in Iowa, and that’s not a bad thing from a biking point of view.

I did have to wear the hood (corrected, used to say "hook" which would be cool as a costume on Halloween, I suppose) of my biking jacket once this morning, but it’s a thin hood that fits between my helmet and head. I have warm gloves that I think I inherited from one of my sons, but frosty, 30ish mornings are way too warm to worry yet about long underwear, and CR Biker enjoys the crisp morning air.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed seeing the morning sunrise and wanted to share what Thursday and Friday looked like—Friday’s photo is not as dramatic, but it’s bigger because it’s with my point-and-shoot digital camera, which I try to have with me when I bike. The Thursday photo is a cell phone image—the sky looked great, the light at Blair’s Ferry was red so I had time, so I figured what the heck.

Hope you’re enjoying your fall!

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