Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friendly Fall Winds

The sidewalk that goes under Council Street, that I take when I'm going to ride the trail to MMU. This is Wednesday morning, a nice morning. The second photo is Thursday, a bird of prey in the pretty fall sky at MMU at the end of my morning ride.

It’s been a cool two days commuting by bike, but not bad days. Some clouds have rolled through, but, on the other hand, I’ve had to wear sunglasses, too.

Winds don’t usually make for a great bike ride. If they are at your back, they can be your friend, but from any other direction they are a pain. That leaves too many pain directions.

Still, it was so nice Wednesday that I took the trail. It was also cool in the morning, so I wore winter gloves, one of which I lost when I started to feel warm and switched over to bike gloves.

Today was nice, twice, sun after clouds this morning and a sun this afternoon.

Fall, I think, is one of the nicest bike seasons. The winter forecast is not so good, with La Nina threatening cold and snow. Well, the cold I can usually bear—it’s snow that interrupts bike commuting.

At least winter is not here yet.

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