Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running Down A Dream On A Cool, Wet Fall Ride

My bike in my wet driveway at the start of the journey, and with the backdrop of clouds at journey's end.

I expected it to be cool this morning. It was, but not as cool as I expected. I was pretty warm in my sweater.

I expected it to be wet this morning. It was, but my driveway, a low area on the north side of an Iowa building, was much damper than any of the streets I had to pass through.

Despite clouds that were hanging around after yesterday’s rain, it wasn’t a bad morning for biking. And the forecast is for a better afternoon—already it looks nicer out my window.

I had my lights on for the ride, due to clouds. But it was a nice morning. For some reason, my morning earworm was courtesy of Tom Petty. After I got to the office, I looked it up on YouTube and had no idea how weird the video was. Still it’s a nice song to have stuck in your head for a 25 minute morning bike ride.

I’ll be running down the dream in more sunshine this afternoon!

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