Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Into An Old-Time Groove

I was sick Monday, and rain Tuesday and Wednesday had me driving.

But I was back on two again today.

Anyway, I've not been feeling well all week and have been sleeping poorly, but on the other hand, for some reason, Wednesday night when Audrey was teaching I was having a 1970s music fest all night long as I worked (yes, I did work) in the basement.

Some Beatles, some Yes, Don McLean but, for some odd reason, the loudest music put me in the best mood. Thank you, Freddie and Queen.

The album of choice: Did it reflect my feelings of ill health? Not sure, but it was Sheer Heart Attack. So here is what was running through my mind as I pedaled the cool streets of CR today. Warning: You should turn up the speakers on your computers only after you hide the kids and cats--the song sounds mild just for the opening.

Then it gets all Queeny. Nice and loud.

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