Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Additional Thought ...

My sister Toni posted this for me on Facebook, it's was posted by a friend of hers, Marc Zappa. What is it? Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian point of view.

As all my CR Biker posts do (just to prevent blog traffic to this site), my "butt" post from the weekend showed up on my Facebook page as a "note."

I've never understood why WordPress has such a logical connection to Facebook--why that site automatically posts an attractive link to a blog post, but not the whole post--while Blogger seems to have designed it's Facebook connection to depress blog traffic. Then again, why is there only one "blog of note" each day on Blogger while an attractive menu of 11 new blogs is suggested every day by WordPress?


Anyway, it was a wet and wild ride this morning with fog clinging to my glasses as I peered through the mist hoping to avoid being smashed by a car. Luck (and light traffic on the back streets I commute on) and my battery-powered lights were with me.

When I got here, I saw that my butt post had appeared on Facebook, where it drew a few comments. Funniest was the picture, posted by my sister Toni, shown above. Warmed my fog-chilled heart.

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