Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Spring in My Step

I’m not sure about the whole “bike detectors” at F and Collins—I plan to e-mail the city on the question of whether they actually changed the devices so that they can detect bikes—but experience suggests they might have. It certainly seemed like I (on my bike!) triggered the light Friday, which is a good thing.

Not that the commute was universally good.

As I stated in my “goose” post, I got a flat Thursday. I fixed it and ride Friday, but somehow in removing and replacing the front wheel, I messed up the front brake, and was riding for 10 miles with my front brake constantly engaged.

Not fun. But, note the photo. There is a tiny spring on each side of the break, meant to pull the shoes away from the wheel evenly. I had accidentally released one of those springs, and I think the problem is fixed. Did not have a chance to ride today to find out, but I should tomorrow.

Well, cool. No flat tire, brakes that work and lights that answer the call of a biker. The city and my life are both getting more bike friendly.

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