Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Goose is Cooked

I was on my way to work this morning, when another biker told me some exciting news. He stated that the city has installed bike sensors on the right hand lanes of F Avenue where it meets Collins Road, which means if I’m at the right place in the correct lane, the light can be triggered by my bike, and I don’t have to waste a lot of time waiting for cars.

Well, he told me that when we were already on F, so I didn’t get a chance this morning to seek, see, photograph or try the mythical bike sensors, but I was pretty jazzed on the way to work, thinking that I would take a picture of them and have an image and topic for my next post.

Alas. Best laid plans of mice, men and bikers and all that.

Meanwhile nearing the end of my morning commute, I was on Eastern Avenue headed towards Regis Middle School. I usually turn down a side street, 27th, I think, but as I neared that final corner, fate decided to take a hand.

I looked up and saw a large crowd of geese on the lawn of Regis. Rather than turn, I proceeded on Eastern to the corner of whatever street Regis (and MMU) is on, and took out my trusty Kodak. I counted more than 60 geese and took a few photos, but when I put the camera away and got ready to finish my morning ride., I made the sad discovery.

Something at the corner must have been sharp enough to puncture tire and tube. I had a flat.

Sigh. No afternoon commute, no verification of the bike sensors, no happy post about a key intersection finally becoming bike friendly.

Well, if they’re there, the sensors will still be there tomorrow. After Audrey gave me a ride this evening, it took me 15 minutes to change my tube. Knock on wood that the new one is still full of air in the morning (I’ve now and then had a new one prove to be holey, too), and I’ll check out the bike pavement sensors then.

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