Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Which The Question Rests on Bird Poop

March 31--Clarence parked in the new rack location next to--right next to--Warde Hall.

The migrating bike rack near Warde Hall has migrated again. Once located about 4 feet from the sidewalk in a garden area by the northernmost back door, it has migrated next to the building to a more rocky area.

How do I feel about the current location?

Well, the rocky area is so proximate to the building it may be a little dryer than the garden. But then again, it’s also proximate to an area where pigeons hang out, and pigeons poop a lot.

If Clarence gets consistently covered in bird feces, I’ll have some negative feelings about the rack placement.

On the other hand, I don’t really want a return to the rack in the damp garden, either. Maybe there is a spot near the redbud tree, adjacent to the main sidewalk headed in to the building, in the rocky area there? I am not sure there is room there—a bike rack has to be set back form a sidewalk by a few feet so parked bikes don’t block the sidewalk—but if the redbud site works, it might be out of both the garden and the pigeon poop target zone.

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