Monday, April 17, 2017

In Which I Dodge Storm Clouds

Cloudy day Saturday. I saw this view fairly often--rode my road bike Argent and climbed the MMU hill four times before going to my office.

April 15--Magnolia on F Avenue seen on the way home.

April 15--almost home, corner of C Avenue and Blair's Ferry. It's a good thing I'm almost there--storm clouds gathering.

April 16--I rode to the gym early on Easter. On the way back, shot this image of flooding Cry Creek.

April 16--just got back from gym. Rhododendron in front of house is still wet from overnight storm, but sky is clear.

April 16--Easter--was on a ride with two grandsons on Lindale Trail when we saw this snake.

I managed to get some riding in on Saturday, although it was mostly a work day for me. I pedaled to the MMU campus, and before going into my office, climbed the MMU hill four times.

Winter? It’s not coming. RAGBRAI is.

Anyway, storms were predicted Saturday, but with thunderstorms, sometimes they blow through pretty quickly. I gambled that I would be able to dodge the storms.

As it turned out, when it started to rain, it RAINED and stayed wet for a while. But, it was also pretty late when it started—and luckily I was already home, although the storm broke not long after I got there.

Sunday, Easter, and Monday were much more bicycle friendly days. I attached the Tag-A-Long to Clarence on Sunday and got good use out of it, giving grandchildren rides, and allowing my son-in-law to use it to give a grandson a ride.

April 17--pretty morning sky. Looking east at Rockwell Collins pond on C Avenue.

My wife rides into the sunset on Lindale Trail April 17.

April 17--the "other" view of the Rockwell Collins pond. Circling the pond on a sidewalk, I pause to look west from the east end late in the day.
Monday, my wife and I took an evening ride with our youngest grandson. It was very pleasant, he enjoyed himself, and it’s something we hope to do more often. We rode the paved part of the Lindale Trail, then crossed Blair’s Ferry Road at C Avenue to circle a pond at Rockwell-Collins before returning home.

As you can see, it was a perfect evening out to be riding a bicycle!

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