Friday, April 28, 2017

In Which The Gloves Come Back

Cedar Lake, as I head home on Sunday, April 23.

Warm weather, where are you? Winter has decided to make one more visit to the upper Midwest, it would seem.

Well, whatever. I can’t get too incensed. For one thing, while it’s cooled down, it hasn’t frozen—and while I lost one biking day this week to the damp, some cool, wet weather now will make the warm second half of May all that more pleasant.

This week, I’ve starting to seek out hill ride-climbing the MMU hill “the hard way” by the library at least once, riding up the Bowman Woods hill now and then. It will be hard to get serious practice miles in until the semester ends, but I’m trying.

On Sunday, on the way home from MMU, I added a few miles by taking the trail route by Cedar Lake. It was, as usual, quite pretty. By Thursday, I was wearing my jacket and gloves for some rather cool rides.

Still, cool rides are rides!

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