Monday, February 1, 2016

In Which I Take Two Damp Final Rides

View of MMU campus as I cross Rohde Plaza on Francis this morning.
Not final forever, I hope. But snow, snow, snow tomorrow—and by the time the streets of CR are passable again, at least three days, maybe more with the cold coming and the lack of snow removal on residential streets, plus the fact that I’m out of town at the end of the week … well, no more riding this week.

Still, it was not bad work for a winter week, since I got an extra ride in Sunday.

The morning ride was a bit dicey due to ice. Several cars were slipping around corners, and it was the kind of damp morning where it was hard to distinguish the wet from the slick. My wife and daughter left before I did, or I might have changed my mind about biking, but by the time I got Francis out of the garage, bicycling was the only way to go.

Along one street, a man was pitching ice form a storm drain into the street. I suppose it was civic minded of him to clear the drain (or he didn’t want his driveway any more iced in), but the transit of little burgs, especially since it was on a downhill stretch of road, made life briefly more exciting than need be.

Still, despite the grey morning, I made it OK. The ride home was just as damp, but fortunately warm enough that the cars were no longer ominously sliding all around.

It’s probably good I biked. After the Iowa Caucuses, we celebrated with cookies and ice cream. I was burning the calories in advance.

Just getting ready to leave plaza for ride down walkway to Warde Hall. No, I did not strike the students in the walk, but rode very slowly and allowed them to proceed.

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