Friday, February 5, 2016

In Which I Set My Mind on Capital Things

Catherine McAuley wears a snow shawl at sunrise this week.

I am in Des Moines now, and I bicycled to get there.

No, I didn’t really bicycle from Cedar Rapids to Des Moines, although I suppose I have done close to the reverse route on RAGBRAI a few times.

I rode Francis to MMU Thursday before picking up a van and driving a group of students to the annual Iowa College Media Association Convention. It was cool, cold enough Thursday morning for the long johns, but a pretty morning. We even saw some flurries on the drive to Des Moines, sometimes we had blue sky—sometimes we had blue sky and flurries at the same time (snow can blow a distance before it lands).

Selfie with Francis on Rohde Plaza, MMU, Thursday morning.

Anyway, what with a winter storm this week, it actually didn’t turn out too bad for biking. I rode Sunday, Monday and Thursday, and the plan is for me to ride home Friday night after I return the Toyota to MMU.

So, greeting from Des Moines, where I’m sure I won’t be biking on this trip. But biking, is seems, must keep one young. My name tag at the ICMA convention:

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