Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Which I Chase Shadows Of Spring

First time out of the garage in 2016. A fast ride on the road bike today.

It felt warm today. Not spring warm, mind you—it maybe flirted with 40 on this final day of January in 2016, and we are bracing for a big Iowa snowstorm that is expected to arrive right after the caucuses Monday might.

I had not planned a ride, but could not find a couple of books I needed to write quizzes. Still, it looked so nice and sunny, that despite dampness left over from a cold morning drizzle, I got out the road bike. Today was Argent’s first ride of 2016.

And it was nice. After I got to the office, I answered some emails and got a text from home. My daughter had found my books.

Well, time to bike back. It was close to 5—but on this final day of January, 5 is no longer dark night, but rather just as the late afternoon light fades to sunset.

My shadow was long, and I was, for some reason, wanting to photograph it, so I tried a lot. Biking and making pictures are not exactly the most compatible activities, but it all worked out.

Street near MMU, my shadow is pretty big!

My shadow on brown winter grass at Rockwell-Collins. Snow cover is receding, but it will be freshened soon enough!

Shadow straight in front as I ride on parking lot.

And at the C Avenue bridge, I was taken with the comeliness of the soft and muddy looking creek valley. It’s not yet spring in Iowa, but today was at least a foretaste. As I pointed my camera to try to record the pretty, fading light in the valley, suddenly a small herd of deer shot out from under the bridge.

I wasn’t the only creature hurrying through the late afternoon, but still enjoying a minor foretaste of warmer weather to come.

Deer running across grassy area next to Dry Creek. I shot this jut after crossing C Avenue bridge.

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