Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In Which My Attempt at Bike Maintenance Fails

Is it true? Truly not, and beyond my powers to fix.

I took Matt’s mountain bike inside the other day to try to fix the wobbly back wheel.

First, I checked to ensure none of the spokes were broken. None are, the good news. Then I watched a YouTube video on how to true a wheel.

Using a piece of cardboard for reference and the bike frame as my wheel holder, I took off the tire and tube and proceeded to try to use a screwdriver to tighten spokes.

Yeah, 90 minutes of work for naught. Total true failure. The video showed working with a spoke wrench, not a screwdriver, and I suppose I will try to get one of those tools.

But I will probably have to take the bike into the shop for someone whose better with tools (which I think probably includes the majority of species from age 3 to 80) fix the bike.

Oh well. Streets are still a bit dicey, but since my schedule is more open today, I may attempt a ride on Francis. We’ll see.

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