Friday, January 30, 2015

In Which a Bird and Biker Enjoy Sunshine

This morning, MMU plaza. rising sun and shadows of The Beast.

It was in the teens this morning, cold but not windy, so the bike ride in was actually quite nice.

When I finished biking up the hill to campus, I celebrated by pausing at the Rohde Family Plaza to photograph some shadows—the Peace Pole and my bike.

By afternoon, the day was even prettier—cool but not cold any longer. And as I walked across campus to my office for the bike ride home, I spied it.

In the morning, a hawk had landed at the corner of Warde Hall and stared down at me, but departed as I tried to get my camera out. I think it’s the same bird that I saw walking to my office before the ride home--the same bird, acting as a sentinel on the cupola of Warde Hall and enjoying the fine afternoon sunshine.

So it’s a great afternoon for bikers and birds, although perhaps not for small prey animals ….

Watcher on the top of Warde Hall, MMU.

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